1. This Sunday #TANBOYS are live in MIAMI #DUBShow


  2. Bodega Bamz | performing live this Sunday at the Miami Beach Convention Center.
    Go to DUB.com for more information



  4. La Onda.


  5. New Bodega Bamz | 2morro at 3pm #tanboys


  6. Bulletproof errrrrrrthing.


  7. Bodega Bamz ‘Mi Vida’ Episode #3 


  8. Dear Non Believers.


  9. NYC ya ready? #TANBOYS


  10. Sunday Service
    Collaborative Project from Bodega Bamz & The Martinez Brothers

    100 Keep it




  13. July 9th Bodega Bamz. Will be live in Central Park / it’s a free show


  14. Razor Blade T - TANBOYS Merchandise  http://100keepit.bigcartel.com/product/razor-blade-t

    Also available Razor Blade Snap Back - TANBOYS Merchandise  http://100keepit.bigcartel.com/product/razor-blade-snap-back

  15. Free show in Central Park July 9th #LAMC